Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where did October go? Hello November!

Time has flown by so fast it seems I can't keep up with it all! We did happen to get a visit from a little deer, that is always a nice surprise. This one was right out the back windows. I tried to get a picture the best I could through it so it is not as clear as it should be. On mornings like those I wish I could stay home, knit and stare out the windows, all the time! In reality, between work, my boys, my family and my guy there doesn't seem to be much "me"time left. I have been feeling the stress lately so it is time to get rid of it! So, for this month I am going to make sure I spend more time on me and the things I love to do! Which brings me to the sweater I am going to make. I have been admiring the beautiful bulky wool sweaters that Jen makes and I finally have the yarn ready to go. This will be my first knitted sweater and I am hoping it is as easy as everyone says. I have spun up a bunch of lt green and brown wool which came out gorgeous! I have also been asked to make a shawl and matching mittens which I will be spinning up and getting busy with once the roving arrives. November will be a super busy month for me also, with work, Thanksgiving, getting gifts ready and I am planning a card making party with my friend Alicia. We are going to get our Cricuts together and get creative! Wish me luck on my November venture, oh I forgot to mention I also have to get outside with my camera and take some shots of the beautiful fall leaves, one more thing on my to do list :)