Sunday, December 6, 2009


It has been a lazy weekend for me as the kids are spending time with their dad. I tend to enjoy the time to myself but find I don't get much accomplished except tv time! I spent a huge chunk of yesterday watching all of the episodes of "Being Human" on the BBC. For any of you vamp or werewolf fans it is a great series if you give it a chance. Here is a link to it While on the supernatural kick I found this on the Vickie Howell blog. The super cute wrist warmers that Alice had on in New Moon. Of course I have to try them being a huge fan! I have seen the movie twice so far and can't wait until the dvd comes out! Here is a link to the pattern I think I will take some time out of my tv watching to start some. I am having some trouble posting links and photos throughout my blog so I will need to learn more about it. As for now you get the idea and I need to get busy with the laundry!