Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dyeing Time

I have been feeling a bit homesick for my family in California so I decided it was time to step it up a bit creatively and dye some roving over these past few days. I have been holding onto a pound or so of Merino so I experimented with some Cushing Dyes and Kool aid dyes too. My first batch turned out pastel like and the second I definitely used a more concentrated formula to get some intense darker colors with some white shining through. I have used the microwave in the past but decided I better just steam it this time since some of them were acid dyes and I don't have a specific microwave dedicated for this purpose. I really, really want to try some kettle dyeing outside in a huge cauldron this summer and get some of those great combinations I see from the Manos yarn from Uruaguay and some from Chile too. I have some research to do though before I start building a fire pit outside! Our weather here has been crazy....over the weekend we had a 60 degree day and yesterday morning we had snow! Who knows what's going to happen in Oregon! I am still in love with my Kitty Carder and have been debating on whether to buy the electronic assembly for it. I know it would speed things up but I don't really mind using the hand crank. I have been sorting through my mill ends and roving including some hand dyed and just enjoying the different color combinations I can achieve. So that has been the latest of my fiber adventures. As for knitting, I started a pair of socks using the magic loop and I am proud to say I have completed the first one with some help of course! Tonight as I was working on the second I was watching some tutorials from Knitpicks and I must say they are great! I am hoping to order some of their circular needles next week and hope to post some photos of the completed socks soon! Happy Knitting Everyone!