Sunday, January 10, 2010

TA DA! My new Fancy Kitty Drum Carder has arrived!

Yay, I had my brother call me when it arrived and sure enough it was right on time, friday afternoon! I didn't have anytime available to use it though until after 11pm because friday also happened to be the first night of skiing and snowboarding for the boys at Timberline. Dana, Anthony and me and the boys all rode up together. The boys had such a great time and us as parents did too! It is so gratifying to see your children with smiling faces as they learn new things. I had a chance today to play with it more today and here is a photo of some of the batts. I am very happy with the results!


  1. Oh I forgot to say that you ought to sign up on the Fancy Kitty Kitten Lovers group on Ravelry! there are over 200 people on it now and it's a really great group! Lots of pics of what others are doing and lots of great advice!