Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Roving and a Batt!

I went to Jen's the other night to pick up some more wool to spin. I am so lucky to have her live so close to me and willing to help me with my spinning. She sells her stuff on etsy as hanksinthehood and also exclusively with Paradise Fibers online so if you ever need anything please check with her first. She has great stuff and great prices. Anyways, I am really enjoying this wheel. I did some more last night and tried the wool roving however it wasn't going as smooth as the superwash wool. So in an effort to keep me feeling confident I went back to the superwash. This is a photo of my latest bobbin and it is looking much better! I am hoping to take the time this weekend to wash and set the first two bobbins of the yellow superwash wool I have and let it dry. Maybe I can knit or crochet something with it being my first yarn, there isn't much of it so it will have to be small. I haven't quite yet decided what I am making with the other stuff, I just want to work on my spinning for now. So, my other crafts have gone on the wayside for now. I have a bunch of scrapbooking and card making to do, probably three or more unfinished knit or crochet projects, some wood items and theses charms, jewelry things I was working on. In the meantime I am trying to clear some of my things on ebay. I had a friend ask me today if I thought I was ADD and I said, no unless it comes to crafting. The girls at work are always asking me about my new stuff, they think I'm nuts. Regardless, if your a crafter you can relate! Onto other business, it is going to be hot here and very hot the first of next week. I got a pool up for the boys, not too bigh not too small, a 12x36 so it will work for this year. If we really enjoy it we will upgrade next year for the big boy! I just wasn't sure how much room I had, and it turns out there is plenty! So we will be soaking in the rays and relaxing, hope everyone has a good weekend :)

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