Friday, September 11, 2009

We survived!

The boys got through the first week of school perfectly! They are glad to be back, well Kel is anyways! Quinn has the tendency to think there are other things he'd rather be doing, and Connor agrees with him! This weekend it is suppose to be very warm up in the 90's so the kids will get in one more weekend of swimming and I will drain it on Sunday. Oh, and lets not forget the season finale of True Blood Sunday night. Woo Hoo! Anyways, it is nice to be back on a schedule :) As for crafting I would like to spend some time on my Cricut. One of my closest friends has purchased one and I loaned her a few cartridges,she is really enjoying it too! I know I will doing something with fiber too. I picked up some roving and blended some batts for a sweater for me. I am going to attempt to knit one so I will keep you up to date! I thought crochet would be easier but Jen swears that knitting it will be easier. We'll see! Oh and I listed a few of my crafts on ebay too, you can find them here Ebay

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  1. Carla you need to get those cute key chains on Etsy! I promise that you will be thrilled that I talked you out of crocheting a sweater and knitting it instead. I just can't allow a fellow spinner to go on over to the dark side especially when a sweater is involved. I can say that because I am a crocheter too, so no hate mail from other crocheters please! There is definitely a place for crochet but a sweater isn't one of them. LOL! Hope to see you Wednesday.